Monday, 27 October 2014

Blood Drip Nail Art for Halloween

Hey Sweeties,

As I always say , Nail art is the least fav nail routine so I always try to find the easiest ways. For Halloween I thought these blood dripping nails are a perfect idea. They look like you just tore someone apart from those nails.

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No now more talking , lets get into the tutorial straight. Watch the video or keep on reading.

You need :

1) A white Nail Paint - I used Maybelline Color Stay Buried treasure
2) A red Nailpaint -  I used blood red by NewU

Process :

1) Start by painting your nails with a antique voilet gold color , make sure the color is Opaque.
2) Now come in with the red nailpaint and load the brush heavenly.
3) Keep the brush on the in the middle of the nail and make a dot.
4) Extend the nailpaint up with the same brush.
5) Repeat it on the entire nail and make it irregular fashion giving the effect of blood.
5) Keep repeating the process and there you have the blood dripping nails.

Hope you liked these easy and fun Halloween Blood Dripping Nail Art.

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