Tuesday, 23 December 2014

DIY Makeup Flower Bunch

Hey Sweeties,

All we girls just love to buy makeup and for sure receiving makeup as gifts is the best thing ever. Consider yourself luck if you get your hands on the beautiful holiday makeup gift sets at this point. But you gotto gift your girlfriends something pretty and useful right. SO here is my DIY makeup packaging .

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I love the golds and glitters for eyes and bold lips for festive season, Loreal Makeup is my fav. As my mum says we must always gift what we want to receive as gifts so here is my fav makeup of the moment.

Loreal Super Liner , Black Lacqure ,725 INR : Its a jet black liner, super easy to use and does not smudge.

Loreal Color Riche Lipcolor in Flaming Kiss, 899INR : A gorgeous orange red which is a great christmas color

Loreal Color Riche Lipcolor in Raspberry Syrup, 899 INR: Its a beautiful pink with a warm hint, great for the holiday season.

Super Liner Gel Matic Pen in gold, 425 INR : Its a gorgeous out there bold gold which looks fab but not that tacky glitter.

So lets get started and pack this Loreal Makeup in super cute floral bunch.

Hope you like my idea of  DIY Makeup Gift Packaging . The packaging adds a personal touch to your gift and I am sure the person you gift this will always remember it .
This makeup bunch is a great last minute gift idea for girls.

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  1. Such a wonderful idea, I really like it :)

  2. Beautiful post ...thx for sharing...:-)

  3. Wow super great idea!!
    Beautiful flowers!

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Ah!..I love Raspberry of my favourite shades!

  5. that's sooooo nice =)

  6. Amazing!!

  7. Thank you for the post Pooja:)



  8. a great post, I like the product you teach. I write it down. merry christmas

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