Monday, 27 July 2015

Forever 21 India Haul-College Fashion

Hello everyone,

So I wanted some basic tee's with little textures and some basic clothes for every day wear. I wanted pastel colored tee's that I could knot at one side, some little hair ties, basically collage style stuff. So there is no better place then Forever21. Being a Indian fashion blogger, if you dont know I have a fashion blog called Being Beautiful and Pretty, I have a lot of those stylish clothes and so less of daily clothes.
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Me being a huge shopaholic, I love to just buy stuff randomly but this time I decided to not even look at that fancy stuff, it was difficult but I managed somehow.
Watch my haul to see what I got:

I am so proud of myself, just bought what was needed. This is actually a perfect collage clothes haul. If I was to go to collage today, these are the things I would wear.