Thursday, 2 July 2015

Strobing for Oily Skin-Natural Summer Makeup


Strobing is a new makeup technique that concentrates on enhancing your natural beauty , to bring more light to the face. This give a natural hilighted effect , dewy skin and youthful appearance.

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But for super oily skin people like me , its impossible to use Dewy foundation and no powder, it will make us look greasy rather than natural fresh.
SO this is my process of Strobing for oily skin, I have used a compact but used it in such a way that it prevents oilyness but still keeps skin dewy.

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Watch the video tutorial below:

Hope you liked my video on strobing for oily skin. This is a great Natural summer makeup look for everyday.


  1. it looks heavy layered but it will try it bcos my skin oily too, thanks for the tips

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