Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Easy No Heat Boho Hairstyle For Bad Hair Day

Hello Coco Chips,

Every few days comes a day when your hair decided to use their own brain and Announce that its their rule which will be followed for the day, yes, we are talking about bad hair days. SO today we will be doing a Easy No Heat Boho Hairstyle for Bad Hair days.

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You already know how bad it is to use heat on hair when its already frizzy, it can really damage hair and make them look even worse, so for such days this 2 minute hairstyle will work best.
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For bad hair days you dont only have to go with buns and braids, we can use the texture and create volume with it and make it look pretty with this 2 minute boho hairstyle. This hairstyle is apt for all hair styles .

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