Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Benefits of a Beautiful Dressing Table

Hello Girlies,

We all just love our makeup, having a huge makeup collection is something that we all dream of. Now putting on makeup is more like a passion, an art than just a getting ready.
Tranquil bedroom : Dressing tables by Lime Lace Eclectic Interiors
Lime Lace Eclectic Interiors/Homify

I love to spend my hard earned money on makeup goodies. But then, don't we want to keep then nicely organised in a beautiful dressing table.

Keeping your beloved makeup, skincare and Haircare products in boxes or tucked away under clothing is not something that you should be doing.
A beautiful dressing table will not only look pretty in your room, but will also store all you need in one place.

Let’s see what benefits does a dressing table has:

1) A good dressing table will make the process of getting ready a pleasurable experience.

2) If you have all your makeup at one place, it will save a lot of time

3) You will be able to use more of your products as you can see what all you have.So everything will be used.

4) Less accidents will happen. When you have all your makeup well stored in your dressing table, you can lower the risk products falling down and break.

5) A nice, well designed dressing table will lead to less wastage. No products will be left open without a home.

See, there are so many ways a good dressing table will be helpful for us. It's not a luxury, it's a necessity.
Homify has beautiful dressing tables, carefully designed keeping a girls expectations in mind. Every little detail has been taken care off like color, drawers, spacing etc.These designer dressing tables are such a life savers.

Also a beautiful dressing table pulls the room together, its like a little special corner where you can just relax and give time to yourself. I personally love the vintage dressing tables the most, they add so much glamour to the room. There is something about Antique Furniture that really excites me.

Choose your dressing table carefully and have fun dressing up. 


  1. I'm obsessed with dressing tables!

  2. Wonderful Beauty Place :))) xo

  3. Love it!I would like to have one!!!

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