Thursday, 3 March 2016

Shopping Portals With A Personal Touch

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For as long as it has existed, Shopping, especially for apparel and other fashion related products, has been a very distinctly personal experience. Right from the time when everyone had a personal tailor to the current shimmering malls that have sales men and women to help you get the right fitting shirt, top or shoe, the experience hardly got depreciated. Indians seem to be very attached to this personal experience which may just be the primary reason why so many people in the country still prefer their usual store a few blocks away over online retailers.

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However, this might change in the next few years as some key online portals are doing everything in their power to manufacture a shopping experience that is as personal if not more than what you could get offline. They’re working on this without discounting the power discounts have towards attracting new customers. Despite the heavy discounts that online retailers shell out which is evident if you look at some of the abof coupons available, a handful of them are working towards building experiences for customers and it might be a game-changer in the very near future.


Voonik, by itself, takes online shopping to another level with its unique curated shopping model. The portal doesn’t really own its own inventory, but instead just curates the best of all popular lifestyle sites including Jabong and Myntra. Voonik conducts a quick survey with all their customers at the time of signing up and collects key information about the body type and style. They later use this information to present just the products that are great and are tailored for the specifications. This is definitely the next level of personalised shopping.


This venture by the Aditya Birla appears to be staying away from the only price-based competition bandwagon and focus more on creating a more immersive experience for their customers. The site uses fashion tips and trends to connect with their customers and tell stories that blend in with their catalog, which is also impressive on its own. In fact, abof uses most of its entire homepage for trend alerts and fashion tips breaking away from the conventional e-commerce homepages rich in offers.


Ever since moving towards a mobile only model, Myntra has gotten very innovative in displaying its catalog and suggestions. As far as we can guess, it does appear that Myntra employs smart learning to understand customer preference and provide a very personal choice that you can truly appreciate. Whether or not going mobile-only was a good decision to bring in the personal experience may be a different debate though.


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