Sunday, 29 May 2016

Natural Ways To Remove Makeup

Hello Girlies,

In the beginning of the day, we are so pumped to put on makeup, but towards the end of the day, do we have type same energy to remove it !  A lot of people don't use the right cleansers to remove makeup properly. Here are 4 all natural makeup removers.

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Removing every bit of makeup is extremely important, there are so many consequences of sleeping with makeup on ! You don't have to buy a cleanser, there are so many products from your kitchen that you can use to remove makeup and they are 100% chemical free. Here are 4 all natural makeup removers/ cleansers :

1) Natural Oil- It is very important to maintain the oil balance of skin. Using too much of all these oil free products can make skin dry which in turn will speed up the ageing process. Using natural oils like olive oil or coconut oil to remove makeup will cleanse your skin without over-drying it. It removes the darkest of lipstick and even water proof mascara.

2) Milk : We call know how good milk is as a skincare agent. Using milk to remove your makeup is simpler and cheaper than buying a makeup remover. Put some milk on your face, rub it and was off with a cotton ball, it will leave your skin makeup free and refreshed.

3) Yogurt : Yogurt really moisturizes the skin. Use plain yogurt to remove makeup, it will remove all the waterproof eye makeup without pulling or tugging anything. Take a little bit of yogurt on cotton ball , massage it on skin in circular motion and rinse off with cool water.

4) Cucumber: Cucumber is the main ingredients of a lot of skincare products, specially acne prone skin skincare products. Cucumbers are amazing to sooth irritated skin. Using cucumber paste as cleanser will remove all makeup and leave skin fresh and glowing.

These are 4 natural makeup removers which removes even the waterproof makeup. These 4 all natural makeup removers clean pores and make skin soft and smooth.