Friday, 10 June 2016

Symptons of Summer Allergies

Hey Everybody,

While summer is in full swing and we are all out talking advantage of the sunny days there are some of us who gets super irritated of their summer allergies. Here are the most common symptoms of summer allergies.

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If you are out in sun, sometimes you get all sick of your stupid allergies. Following are the symptoms of the allergies :

1. Sneezing- So this is the most common indication that you are almost getting it.
2. Watery Eyes- In spring and summer one can get watery is very common and must be taken seriously.
3. Ear Congestion- Ear congestion generally happens when we don't treat the allergy on first step. And yes its painful.
4. Runny or stuffy nose- Again very common. The moment season changes, there we have stuffy nose which means we are right in the road that leads to allergies.
5. Itchy sinuses, eyes , throat or ear canals- Now this is my kind if allergic reaction. Believe me its extremely irritating to keep scratching yourself.

If you have any of the above symptoms, then you have summer allergies for sure and its time for some home remedies for allergies (I hate antibiotics)


  1. I hate when that happens. Hopefully it will skip us this summer ;)

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