Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Health Benefits of Eating Mango

Hello everybody,

I am a huge mango lover and I wait for mango season all year long. Love all fruits but just can't resist mango's. Good part is mango's are really good for health and skin. So lets see what all are the benefits of eating mango's.
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1. Mangos help in Digestion : Mango is full of digestive enzymes like magneferin, katechol oxidase and lactase and fibre which  helps to overcome the problems related with digestion. It acidity and constipation.

2. Its helps with glowing skin : Mangoes are rich in Vitamin A which makes the skin soft and shining.

3. Helps with Eyesight : Vitamin A, C and E are adequately present in Mangoes. All these help to keep your eyes healthy, enhance your vision and prevent from various eye diseases.

4. Mangos control Blood Pressure : Potassium regulates the blood pressure and fluid mechanism in the body. It also solves the problems of diabetes.

5. Mangos Help with heart Diseases :  Mangoes contain Beta-carotene, Vitamin E, Potassium and Selenium. All these are effective in making your heart healthy.

When something is so delicious and has so many health benefits, why nit go all out with it !
Make mangos a part of your daily diet.


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