Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Monsoon Skin Care Tips

Hello Everybody,

As mush as I love monsoon, totally hate how my skin look in the moist weather. Here are some easy tips to fresh looking oil free skin. These simple tips can prevent pimples and caked up makeup.

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1. Scrub- During monsoon oil gets trapped into the skin, its good to scrub twice a week to keep pores clean.
2. Clay masks are a must- After opening pores its mandatory to clean and close them. A good clay mask is a must.
3. Toner is a Must- Toner keeps skin fresh and reduces oil buildup on skin which in turn means less pimples.
4. Less is more when it comes to makeup- When skin is already very sticky, its best to avoid makeup.
5. No touching up with powder ,Keep blotting- Powder will cake up and make things worse, just use a blotting paper to suck up all the oil.
By following these simple monsoon skincare tips you can keep looking fresh all day even in sticky weather.


  1. Aww great tips, it's the rainy season in my country and it's very damp here, glad there's a rainy weather skin care routine!



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