Monday, 2 January 2017

Acne Skin Care Tips


Acne is a skin issue that not only affects a person externally but also cracks a persons confidence. I have suffered with Acne and it has been a really tough. Finally I found some tips and tricks to get rid of acne and through it might be helpful to share. These Simple anti-acne remedies can make a huge difference in active acne.

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Here are some tips to reduce acne:

1. Go For soap free cleansers
2. Always use freshly washed makeup brushes.
3. Always use a serum
4. Toner mist at end of skincare is must.
5. No touching face
6. Always keep towel covered
7. No touching face
8. Over moisturizing is better than no moisture
9. Use all natural products
10. Medium to mild scrubs
11. Always use clay masks and a moisturizer after it.
12. Make sure to always keep hair clean.

My making these small changes to your skincare routine and lifestyle, you will notice a huge difference in your acne issues.
Hope you found this post helpful!


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