Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Kufri Vlog-Day 1

Hello Guys,

If you have been following me on Instagram then you might already know that recently I collaborated with Royal Tulip Kufri for a FAM trip. They took us to Kufri to experience the luxury hotel, yummy food and enjoy the cold Kufri weather.

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In this vlog, you will see us travelling from Delhi to Chandigarh via Kalka express and then our car arranged by Royal Tulip Kufri took us via road to the beautiful property.We reached Kufri around 6pm and were very tired so took a hotel tour and went straight to eat.
After some yummy snacks and dinner, we sent to sleep as next day was a long one.
Watch my vlog video below:

See you tomorrow for all the fun from Kufri.


  1. Video to abhi nahi dekha, mauka lagtey hi dekhti hu, itni se post n pics se hi interesting lag raha hai 😊


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