Friday, 27 July 2018

How to Remove Makeup without Makeup Remover

Hello Makeup Lovers,

All of us spend a lot of time to put on makeup but do you give enough time to remove makeup properly! Here is how I remove makeup without makeup remover. By this way of makeup remover, one can melt the white heads too!

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I believe one must spend more time on removing makeup as compared to putting on makeup. I always make sure to remove every speck of makeup so that my skin can breath and can remain pimple free.

How I remove makeup without remover, watch my video or keep reading:

1. Take a heavy duty moisturiser on a cotton pad and remove all your lipstick.
2. Then I take 3-4 pumps of my favourite body lotion, rub it in between my palms with a little water.
3. Then I massage it on my face.
4. I use my Jergens Ultra Heal body lotion. It is extremely moisturising and healing without being oily! The moisture breaks down the makeup.
5. The massage pulls out makeup from the pores.
6. This removes all the waterproof eye makeup as well.
7. Then I wipe it off with a cotton pad and wash off.
8. Post this I like to come in with a cleanser and I like to use The Body Shop Chinese Ginseng mask which is a scrub, cleanser and pack all in one.
9. I generally scrub my face with it first with hands.
10. Then I use my Skin Time Face Brush and quickly brush it on my face.
11. I was off all the product and follow up with a toner and sometimes with a clay mask.

This quick and easy way of removing makeup really cleans out the pores and prevents whiteheads, blackheads and pimples.

Hope you found the post helpful!


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