Monday, 7 October 2019

Nykaa Lash Talk - False Lashes

Hi Guys,

Nykaa just dropped their Falce Eyelashes (Lash Talk) and couldn't be happier. I am obsessed with wearing false eyelashes and getting my hands on some Kiss and Ardell Eyelashes for USA or UK was a task in itself. 

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Nykaa False eyelashes are priced 199/- each, and available on and at Nykaa stores.
Watch the video below and keep reading:

The lashes come in 10 different variants which are divided into 3 different categories:
Natural – “your lashes but better look”
Length – “fluttery, flirtatious lashes”
Volume – “thick, intense eye look”

Few Pointers about the lashes:
1) 10 pairs of eyelashes
2) Each pair comes with a free glue inside
3) Can be reused 5-10 times with proper storage and care.

4) There is everything from natural to glam, so you can find what exactly you are looking for.
5) The lashes are bendable so can take the shape of eyes easily.
6) There are some rough edges, so you need to trim them or else they might itch.
7) Clean glue from lashes with care as no band one can break easily.

From all the 10 styles of Nykaa Eyelashes, I loved OTT Drama the most.

If you are a fan of false eyelashes, then get your hands on a pair of Nykaa also Eyelashes.


  1. Aaj hi video n insta post dekha, bahut acchi affordable lashes hain 👍👍
    Great video 😍😍