Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Juicy Couture Brushes Review- Is it worth the MONEY?!!

Hi Guys,

Makeup brushes are such game changes. How your makeup brushes are going to look depend a lot on the texture of brushes so using great quality brushes is must for a smoother and blended look.
I got this Juicy Couture Brush Set as a gift and here us how I feel about it.

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Watch the video and keep reading for more:

It is a 5 piece brush set and has the following:
1) Flat Foundation Brush
2) Round Blush Brush
3) Angular Contour Brush
4) Highlighting Fan brush
5) Blending Eye Brush

Pros :
1) Extremely soft
2) Do not Shed
3) Pink the right amount of product
4) Blend the product very well
5) Easy to wash
6) Look pretty sturdy
7) Most of the brushes can be used for many different purposes

1) Blending eye brush goes streaky if it's used to apply the shadow
2) Would have loved to have a big powder brush in place of eye brush
3) Wish they had included a round blending brush for the foundation in place of a flat one which in work well for face masks.

At the whole, I really liked the Juicy Cotoure Brush, it is great quality and it is safe to say that these are some really good quality makeup brushes that will make you makeup look flawless.


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