Thursday, 3 September 2020

Straightening Tips While Using A Flat Iron

Hi Guys,

Straight hair is all the rage these days. Sleek straight hair is totally in trend for tat minimal look. FOr straight hair, all of us rely on our straighteners. Here are hair straightener tips for using flat iron.

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1) Start when hot: Start the ironing process only after the iron is fully hot. If you start when its semi-hot, hairpieces will curl back up quite quickly and that totally defeats the purpose.

2) Keep it Clean: Like any other electronic device, keep the straightener clean and dust-free. Dust always hampers the heat and affects the result adversely. So clean and maintain it well otherwise, you will not be able to get the straightening right. If not cleaned well, dust, grime, and grease will stick to your hair – making hair damage easier. Plus it will make your hair clump together.

3) Comb your hair: Always comb your hair well before straightening. This will prevent hair breakage. Combing hair during straightening helps get the shape right and holds it for longer.

4) Always start backwards: Make sure you start with the back of your head always. Then slowly, work to the front. Ideally, the hair in your front should be the last thing to be straightened, and most even professionals vouch for this hair straightening tip.

5) Take smaller pieces: While dividing your hair, make sure you take small 1 inch pieces. It might take the time you iron in small sections but once done the straightening will last for a long time. It's better to invest time once and get it done right.

By following this simple and easy hair straightening tips, you can straighten your hair well and straightening will last for a long time.

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