Thursday, 7 January 2021

10 Benefits of Steaming Your Hair

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We all suffer from dry and dull hair or brittle hair that break very easily or timing hair that doesn't grow at all at some point or other. We resort to hair oiling and spas but they do now effect because hair just does not absorb the product. Here comes in the steaming. Here are 10 benefits of steaming and why you must do it more often.

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We all see all the expensive salons steaming clients hair and you can do it at home without spending any kind of excessive cash.

When to Steam:

Steaming should be done after oiling or applying some kind of product to hair. Steaming helps hair absorb the product and thus has a bunch of benefits.

Benefits of Steaming Hair:

 1) Encourages the Growth of Hair:

Most of us want long girl. To stimulate hair growth, we look towards cutting hair. But what if i give you a better solution. If the growth of your hair seems to have come to a halt, then it might be time you considered steaming. Steaming your hair will help it to grow. There is a free flow of natural oils into your scalp after steaming your hair. The oils nourish and increase blood flow to your scalp giving you long and healthy hair.

2) Improves the Health of Your Scalp
Issues with hair a lot of times are related to scalp. If you have a dry scalp, then this might lead to several hair problems such as hair breakage, itchiness, and dandruff in your hair.
A dry scalp can cause all of these hair problems.
Steaming your hair after oiling can prevent some of these problems.
Steaming your hair opens ups the skin pores and assists in removing the debris from the cells that are dead.
Once your skin pores are open and clean, the nutrients can penetrate your hair follicles, improving the growth of your hair.

3) Improves Hair Elasticity
Hair elasticity refers to your hair’s ability to expand and shrink and not break or shed.
Steaming your hair after oiling allows your hair to absorb moisture quickly.
This enables your hair to bend and stretch without causing pressure to your hair.

4) Refeshes your Hair Curls
Steaming your hair is another way of adding moisture to your hair without soaking it in water.
If you are one of those people who suffer from dry, brittle hair, steaming your hair might be an excellent option to consider.

5) Lift the Hair Cuticle
It is difficult for low porosity hair to absorb moisture deep into the roots of the hair.
Steaming can be helpful to people who have hair with low porosity.
The warmth of the moisture from the steam allows nutrients from the oils to penetrate your skin and raises your hair cuticles.

6) Enhances Moisture Retention
Another benefit of steaming is that it helps your hair to retain moisture better.
Once you steam your hair, the moisture will not evaporate as quickly as it would have if you just condition your hair.
The fact that the moisture is absorbed deep into the hair follicles means that it will stay there longer.

7) Reduces Dandruff
The main reason why we get dandruff is because of a dry scalp.
If your scalp is dry, then I can guarantee you that dandruff will be your new best friend.
Steaming provides moisture to your hair, which prevents your scalp from drying.
You should oil your hair before you steam to enable the oils to get absorbed in your scalp.
Your scalp and hair get better each time you steam, leaving no room for dandruff.

8) Relaxes Your Body
Steaming gives your body a calm and relaxing feeling.
The calming effect is brought about by the production of hormones called endorphins.
Endorphins are known to make you feel relaxed and calm, even if you were suffering from stress.
Stress is also known to affect your hair. One way in which it can affect your hair is by losing your hair.
Reduction in stress can help prevent hair loss.

9) Cleansing and Detoxification
We all use different products on our hair.
But have you ever thought what happens to the different products you use like hair sprays, conditioners, and gels?
All these products are likely to leave residue on your hair.
Some environmental contaminants such as smoke and dust can get trapped in your hair.
Once all these contaminants and products accumulate on your hair, they will cause a buildup.
Overtime the accumulation of these substances might harm your hair.
Steaming your hair will help remove all the debris and buildup from your scalp.

10) Allows Hair Products to Penetrate the Hair Shaft
Deep conditioners and hair treatment work best if the hair absorbs well all the products.
In most cases, the conditioners and hair treatment don’t get easily absorbed due to the tight coils and curls in natural hair.
The heat from the steamer can help get rid of this problem.
The hair steamer opens the hair cuticles in the hair and allows them to receive all the nutrients to the roots.
When the products reach where they are needed the most, and the nutrients are well distributed, your hair will grow and become gorgeous.

Now that you know there are so many benefits of steaming hair after oiling, make sure you apply oily at least every fortnight and do steam your hair post that.

Hope this post was helpful.


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