Thursday, 12 June 2014

5 Fun Makeup Facts

Hey Sweeties,

Being a blogger, you develops a habit of reading a lot . I am always using my most trusted google uncle to search random things. Today was was reading fun facts about makeup so I thought I would just share with you.
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1) Women use to pinch their cheeks to give themselves rosy  cheeks before blush was invented .
My View - What were these ladies thinking.  Pinching cheeks, I would rather go and run to get rosy cheeks.

2) A popular therapy called urine therapy   Is used by many celebrities to stay beautiful . This includes rubbing your first urine of the day on your face and drink a few drops . 
My view- Ewwwww, Thanks but no thanks, I am happy being ugly.

3) Natural Red 4 , C I 75470 or E120 , often used in cosmetics is basically red dye which is derived from dead bodies of female cockroaches . 
My View - I just hate cockroaches , cannot even stand their sight and using them in cosmetic. I am never using something with red die again. 

4) The nightingale dropping are super pricey and used as facials . 
My View - I think I should now keep any every animal as pet, first snail then nightingale,you never know which animal is next. 

5) In old days, makeup was use to frighten enemies , show a social rank or make magic .
My View - If this was applicable in today's world , then all ladies always have a weapons in bag and a huge amount and variety of weapons to frighten others :)

We use cosmetics everyday, but who knew there are so many random and fun facts about it. There are so many more which I would love to share .

Hope you found it interesting .

Don't forget to share your view on these facts. Will you ever do them !!


  1. Yuck the urine therapy is soooo yuck! Poooja I followed you via G+ and GFC!
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  2. hahaha...nice....wasnt aware about such facts!

  3. Oh gosh, I cant take the urine therapy... it's so disgusting ! eewwww...

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  4. Interesting post Pooja, thank you:)



  5. haha loved this post, darling :)
    i always use the first interesting fact, it's perfect tip

  6. Interesting post with some yucky facts :D I always remember how Scarlet O'Hara did that with her cheeks when she wanted to look nice and it's such a silly thing :D

  7. GREAT POST! Haha I´m happy to be ugly too, without urin in face:-)

    Keep in touch dear!

    If your are somewhere in Germany, call me, we need to drink a beer together ^^

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  8. WHAT!? I'd rather be ugly than slap my own pee on my face and drink it - unless I was on Bear Grills survivor or something insane like that.

    Things we do for beauty......

  9. Great post, funny and interesting at the same time. Some of the facts are soo weird, I can´t believe that some people did/ do that. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  10. Interesting post!!

  11. Agree with you on all the facts and you look really pretty in the photo. And I also knew about the term Carmine that was used for red coloring, but OMG derived from insects, especially roaches!!! I did not know that!! Just looked it up on wikipedia and am shocked. I'm petrified of cockroaches. Just saw a few last nite in fact when I was going to mom's friend's house for dinner and their building has a bit too many to imagine. Ewww our red lipstick pigment comes from roaches. Wonderful!! haha. BTW I also remember reading that eyeshadows are made up of some bug powder too hehe. Great post though :)

  12. Thanks for the tips, love it! x

  13. Okay, this is just too funny. Really? :)).

  14. OMG I'm follower no. 100. Love all your blogs Pooj =)

  15. Can't believe that someone really follow the urine teraphy!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  16. Interesting.. Thanks for sharing sweetie :)

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