Sunday, 21 December 2014

Reindeer Christmas Nail Art

Hey sweeties,

Just 4 days to Christmas and then new year. In between all the festivities it's very important to deck yourself up, I thought why not start with nails so here is a easy Christmas nail art with reindeers .

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I am not very talented with it domes to nails so I try to keep simple and easy nail art designs.
This Christ reindeers nails you can do in 5 minutes and no professional tools needed.

If you guts have read my Maybelline color show nailpaint review and Glitter Mania Nailpaint in Starry Nights then you know I am on a mission to buy the entire collections and bought a bunch already, so in this tutorial I am using all maybelline color shoe nailpains.

Watch the tutoring and or just keep reading :

Let's get started:

You need:
1) White Nailpaint: Maybelline Porcelain White

2) Gold Nailpaint : Maybelline Bold Gold

3) Black Nailpaint : Maybelline Blackout

4) Brown or Maroon Nailpaint : Maybelline Wine and Dine

5) Red Nailpanit

6) Toothpicks

7) Bobby Pin

Let's starts the festive nail:

1) I am going to start my preparing my nail bed by applying my DIY cuticle oil , leaving it on for 5 minutes, rubbing it with a ear bud on the nail and pushing cuticles in.

2) Then clean the nails to make sure there is no oil.

3) Paint nails white, make sure they are opaque.

4) Once that dries, take your gold and make a semi circle on the tip of your nail .

5) Then make 2 slanting lines going up from the corners to make the years and your basic structure of reindeer is ready.

6) Load your toothpick with black nailpaint and make horns .

7) Take the brown nail ain't and make a small semi circle on the tip of nail , right in the centre to make the nose.

8) Dip your bobby pin in the black nailpaint and make two eyes.

9) Once they dry, with the tip of toothpick dipped in white make the eyeballs. And your reindeer is ready. Do it on all nails except ring finger.

10) For Ring finger, make polka dots with back side of toothpick and bobby pin dipped in red , then make some gold polka dots covering most of the white base and your nail is done.

These reindeers look super cute with the little twinkling eyes and horns . The texture we created on ring fingers give a very festive look.

Hope you like my reindeer Christmas Nail Art .

Thanks for your time.

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  2. Nice nails dear

  3. Aww so cute Pooja:)



  4. I love your nails style with this look!

  5. What a great tutorial and idea LOVE IT> xox

  6. My Girlfriend really loves to read your blogs, she was amazed how you design your website. You did a great tutorial, I have just followed you GFC thanks for the linkback

  7. Love the nails!
    Merry Christmas!

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