Friday, 26 February 2016

How to Curl Hair Using Straighteners

Hey Sweet Pies,

I am a huge fan of curled hair but me and hair curlers don't go very well together. I do use them but very rarely. What I generally use to get easy fast curls is a hair straightener. So today we will discuss some tips on how to use hair straighteners to curl hair.
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This us a very quick way of curling hair. Watch my video below or keep reading:

1. Start with dry hair and pick up a small section.
2. First sock the entire strand of hair in heat by just running the straightener over it like you ate ironing it.
3. Then keep straightener on your strand on the place where you want to start the curl.
4. Twist once.
5. Pull the strand under straighter up and over it.
6. Keep pulling down and twisting.
7. After a twist or two, you will find that its getting a bit difficult to twist. At this time, remove the curls wrapped around the straightener.
8. Just keep repeating the process on the entire strand and all your hair.

1. Work with small sections, smaller that what you would do with hair curlers.
2. The smaller the hair straightener, the quicker you would get the job done.
3. Always first sock hair in heat before going in for curls.
4. Don't ever forget to pull the strand of hair up above the straightener or else you will end up with straightener stuck  at a place.
5. Always pull straightener down slowly and that to not on a long patch or else hair would look dented instead of curly.
Hope this easy way to curl hair using straighteners was helpful for you guys. Just by following these simple steps and keeping these small tips in mind you can do these bouncy curls .