Tuesday, 24 May 2016

How to get Healthy Hair-Easy Lifestyle Changes

Hey Buttercups,

If you guys have been reading my blogs for ling then you already know that I am all about healthy, shiny and heavy hair. In past I have written about home remedies for dandruff and home remedies for healthy hair. Today lets talk about simple lifestyle changes that can affect the health of your hair.

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Most of the times we tend to forget how much our lifestyle affects not only our health buy also skin and hair. You can read my post 5 Fruits for Glowing Skin to know how what we put in our body shows on our skin. Now let's talk about easy lifestyle changes that can affect for hair health :

1. Avoid soft drinks, alcohol, fried snacks and caffeine.
2. Make exercise a part of your daily life, it ensures proper blood flow to scalp and helps in hair growth.
3. Try to get a weekly scalp massage.
4. Avoid unnecessary brushing, combing and  handling.
5. Always make sure to get rid of those split ends, read how to cute split ends at home !
6. Sleep well and give your hair a chance to go.

By making these small little lifestyle changes one can get heavy, healthy and shiny hair easily.