Sunday, 11 December 2016

November 2016 Favorites

Hello Girls,

So these past two months, I was all over the place. From making DIY projects, to cleaning house for Diwali and going out to dinners and lunches, October-November were all about meeting-greeting and looking your best for that. So I ended up trying a lot of products so here are my Favourites for both months.

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As I was cleaning I found a lot of products that I had forgotten about, so started using them. Also I got a lot of new products, tried them almost immediately and loved a few. So here is a mix of new finds and some rediscovered loves:

1. Forest Essentials Facial Tonic Mist- This baby has been sitting on my dresser unused for months now. One day randomly I decided to give it a try. Dang! Is it amazing of what! Refreshes, brightens and tightens skin. Reduces appearance of pores and reduces acne. On top of it, it smells amazing. What else can you ask for!! Forest Essentials Facial Tonic Mist cost 675 INR.

2. Veda Earth Cleansing Facial oil- Was really scared to use a facial oil as I have extremely only and acne prone skin. But as I was already breaking out crazy, I thought what the hell,let me just try it. To my surprise, it calmed my skin, reduced breakout and evened out skintone. Its such a good find which I got in my November Fab Bag. Have to buy a full size soon. Veda Earth Cleansing Facial oil costs 350 INR.

3. O3+ Eye Circle cream- Who does not need a good eye cream! I got this one in November My Envy Box and quite like it. It reduces puffiness and brightens the under eye area. O3+ Eye Circle cream costs 395 INR.

4. Kronokare The Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion lip balm- Now this is one of the best lip balms I have ever used. Its super moisturising, heels lips no matter how dry they are. But the best thing about this baby is the cooling, tingling sensation it brings aling. Just love it!  Kronokare The Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion lip balm costs 95 INR.

5. Schwarzkopf BC Moisture Kick spray conditioner- Schwarzkopf is one brand that I totally trust when it comes to my hair. Love Schwarzkopf BC shampoo and Schwarzkopf BC Conditioner. Have been using Schwarzkopf BC Moisture Kick spray conditioner for a while now, its the most easiest way to make your hair smooth and shiny. Being a spay it is extreamly lightweight, oil free but works amazingly on dry and frizzy hair. Schwarzkopf BC Moisture Kick spray conditioner costs 608 INR.

6. Anastazia cream contour kit- This baby has been sitting in my collection for almost a year until one fine day I decided to give it a shot. Have to say, I have not been able to put it down. The creams are buttery, easy to blend and give that perfect sculpted look. I love the yellow for brightening and dark brown for contouring. Anastazia cream contour kit costs $40.

7. Nykaa Nailpaint- Earl Grey Tea Cake-Nykaa Nailpaint is a nail color that looks good with any outfit, any season and any skin color. This is just the coolest grey and I have been wearing it like crazy. Nykaa Nailpaint costs 333 INR for 2.

8. Lakme 9 to 5 weightless matte mouse- Pink Plush- If you are a fab of matte lips and have been looking for a duper for NYX soft matte lip creams forever, here you go. Lakme 9 to 5 weightless matte mouse is the most comfortable matte lip cream. It glides on like butter,does not dry lips and does not transfer. I used it as a blush and Dang! I am hooked. Full review coming soon. Lakme 9 to 5 weightless matte mouse costs 575 INR

9. Natural Body Mist- Sweet Ocean-  Since I got it in my November Fab Bag, I have not been able to stop myself from using this body mist. It smells super fresh and the fact that its all natural makes me extremely happy. Natural Body Mist- Sweet Ocean costs 260 INR

10. MUA Blusher- Marshmallow- Who knew a 1 pound blusher would turn out to be better than any expensive ones. This bright pink MUA blusher looks fantastic, very natural and blends with no effort. MUA Blusher costs 100 INR.

11. Maybelline Fit Me Set Smooth Powder- Maybelline Fit Me Set Smooth Powder is a nice powder if you are looking for a face powder that sets powder in place, controls oil and adds coverage. Maybelline Fit Me Set Smooth Powder costs 475INR

And that should be all for my November Favorites or shall I say, October-November favourites.
All these are the beauty products that I am really enjoying!
Let me know what all you are loving !


  1. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing :-)

  2. thats great and something new and unusual from other blogger choices....would try and grab ALL, if possible

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