Tuesday, 3 March 2020

At Home Facial Clean Up- Get Unready With Me

Hey Guys,

Most of us love makeup and the process of putting on makeup but how mank of us find removing makeup and doing skincare! Here is a quick and easy, at home clean up or an at-home facial! After a full day of filming and having a lot of makeup on, it is extremely important to cleanse your skin, work on its texture and keep it healthy.

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Here is an easy home cleanup that I like to do 2 times a week. Here is how you can use a handful of products to do a quick at-home facial.

1) First and most importantly, remove your eyelashes and save them.
2) Next, use a marceller water to remove all the eye and lip makeup. I am using Just herbs Sapta Jal
3) Then with cream-based makeup remover, massage the face and neck. I am using Kaya Skin Makeup Remover.
4) Just wash your face with water to remove all the cream makeup remover and makeup.
5) Now wash your face with your cleanser. I use Innisfree Green Tea Cleanser.
6) Now its time to scrub your face. I use a mild scrub as my skin is really sensitive. I am using this The Body Shop Coffee mask as a scrub.
7) Scrub the nooks and crannies of your face very well so that the dead layer of your skin gets removed.
8) Wash it off and pat dry.
9) Now that the pores are clean with open, its time to close them which is done by using a clay mask.
10) A clay mask works on the skin texture and seals the pores.I am using a Nykaa Clay mask.
11) Never speak or move while you have a mask on as that can give you wrinkles.
12) Before it gets 100% dry, wash it off with cool tap water.
13) Next, its time to put moisture back, which we will do by applying a sheet mask.
14) A sheet mask penetrates into the skin and provides moisture to the inner layers. I used a Innisfree Sheet mask.
15) Keep it on for 10 minutes, remove it and massage the leftover serum into the skin.

And that is how to do facial clean up at home.

Hope this was useful.