Friday, 4 December 2020


 Hi Guys,

As soon as the winter season starts and the cool breeze starts to blow, our skin both body and face and our hour start to get dry and damaged. Below are top 5 moisturising products for winters.

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Here are my favourites:

1) Nykaa Lip Crush macroon Lip Blam: The the first signs of dryness are always seen on lips. Lips get really crusty and chapped in the winter season. I am loving this drugstore lip balm by Nykaa. Nykaa Lip Crush Lip balm is a thick, butter that moisturizes, stays on and keeps lips soft and supple. The best part, it is just for 249 INR

2) Mcaffiene Coco Body Butter: Hands down, one product that has made my body super soft. My skin feels nourished, looks really healthy and feels so good. It is a super-duper thick butter and is perfect for winters. Costs 675INR

3) The Body Shop Body Butter: Oldie but a goodie, just love The Body Shop Body butter as my hands and foot cream. I like to use it as a hand cream and apply it every night on my feet and wake up with super super soft feet. Costs: 1,195 INR

4) Nivea All-purpose cream: It will come as a total surprise to you but OMG, this is one of the best moisturizers for face for the dry winter months. The cream is super thick so one needs to warm up between palms and then apply all over the face. Nivea makes skin so very soft and it looks healthy from within. Costs: 99 INR

5) Mama Earth Hair Mask: A lot of us do not give a lot of attention to hair during winters but your hair do need the moisture. I am really enjoying the super thick hair mask by Mama Earth. Also it costs just 575 INR

SO these are my top 5 moisturisers for winter. Hope this was helpful..


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