Sunday, 3 January 2021

Beauty Resolutions 2021

 Hi guys,

While I was setting my Goals and Resolutions for 2021 on my other blog, I thought let me list down some beauty resolutions for 2021 too, so here we go.

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1. Always Doing my CTM Routine: To keep skin healthy, we must do a Cleansing, Toning and moisturising routine.

2. Never, ever sleeping on with makeup: This is the worst one can do so no matter how tired you are, always take the time to remove every trace of makeup before you hit the sack.

3. Moisturising and nourishing skin: Dry and dull skin causes a lot of other skin issues so moisturise, moisturise and moisturise even more. Oily skin girls need to moisturise as much so please don't skip it.

4. Taking care of Hair: Sometimes we end up ignoring hair but guys and girls, never skip heat protectant. Try to use sulphate free shampoo and conditioner.

5. Not pulling cuticles: Totally guilty of doing this. Always cut or either push your cuticles down, pulling them will make things worse.

6. Giving skincare more importance as compared to makeup: A lot of us always prioritise makeup but makeup will not set well if the skin is not good. And, the skin is your biggest organ (which you can't replace) so moisturise your entire body. 

7. Drink at least 3 bottles of water: Water is the magic ingredient. Drink more water and see how it changes your skin.

8. Not picking on acne: A lot of us are guilty of doing this. I do it too picking up acne makes it worse and leaves a mark so keep your hands off your face.

9. No falling into gimmicks: There are so many random, stupid, senseless and quite gimmicky skincare and makeup rituals going around on Instagram like in-flight masking, setting brows and so many more. Do not fall from them.

10. No matter if I s a no-makeup day or bad hair day, always keeping a smile on.

These simple beauty tips and resolution will really work wonders for our hair and skin.

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  1. Moisturising and drinking water is one of my main goals too. You look stunning, dear!
    Happy new year!